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The huge influx of Harbin Trade Co., Ltd was established on 3 April 2015, is engaged in import and export trade of professional foreign trade companies, the company is mainly engaged in international import and export trade, international logistics management project.
Mainly engaged in the export products is an air heater, sales across more than a dozen countries in northern Europe, the United States, Australia and other products by foreign customers praise; mainly engaged in the import products as coconut and palm fiber, major importing countries as Vietnam and Malaysia, export products mainly supply to the domestic well-known manufacturer of mattresses, as coconut palm mattress raw materials; at the same time, the company also set up a special department of international logistics, as the company's foreign trade business brought convenient services, but also for the vast number of trade customers save the transportation cost.
At present, the company has expanded trade scale, customers throughout the world, with a good reputation to get the trust of customers at home and abroad, we warmly hope: you and I work together to create the United States!










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